I absolutely LOVE these products!!! I use them exclusively for my body product business.
I have ordered from Soapwest 3 times already. Products are always the highest quality and the a fair price. I will continue to order from them in the future! :)
Great prices and quality products. The mango butter is wonderful, I love the ease of using the cocoa butter in the little pieces instead of having to melt it down first, and the lip balm tube boxes add a wonderful, professional touch to my products. I find their shea butter a little gritty, but I know that gritty shea butter is because it's less refined. Some like that purity, but I prefer a smoother ingredient for my products. However, the best part by far is the wonderful customer service. I have never had more than 24 hours pass before my stuff is shipped, and I have never had a problem with a single product ordered, but I just know that if I ever did, they'd handle it with a quickness! I also love that they carry potassium hydroxide, as I live in a small town and can't purchase that locally. Anyways, I love this site!
Not cool....everything was going just fine with this purchase until I agreed to fill out survey of purchase about Soapwest. My reward for giving feedback, sucked into wormhole of magazine publishers. Ended up having too finally select one mag for $2.00. Never get that last 10 min back...hey add this to my survey Soapwest, Your checkout Sucked...

Soapwest response -
Greetings Brian, we appreciate the feedback, we are considering getting rid of the survey. Although it is completely voluntary and not required in the least to place an order.
I've ordered from Soapwest a few times and always been very pleased. Their quality is unbeatable and it's always at a great price. They take great care in packaging so that my items ALWAYS arrive safely- and VERY quickly!! Customer service is amazing, also. Glad to have found these guys!! You will be, too!
Your new shipping policy is horrible. Why do I need to pay you $7.00 to ship me something that's less than $4 when I can come and pick it up? That's why I preferred your company over Brambleberry or Wholesale Supply Plus. Now I'll pay the shipping. I haven't ordered from you since you have had this new policy and I'm not sure if I will. If I absolutely have too, it's only going to be for citric acid but then again, I need to check your prices for that. Because of the weight, it may be cheaper for me to order from someone else because of those pesky shipping prices again.

Soapwest Resposne -
Greetings Rhonda, we appreciate the feedback, unfortunately there are just some orders that will not be economical to ship. The Shipping cost USPS and Fedex charge are based on weight and location rather then cost of order.
"Every item I have ordered from Soap West is fine quality, the best. I had a little issue with some leakage in the mail and Soap West made it right. I highly recommend Soap West if your looking for fast shipping, high quality goods and simple yet effective packaging.
Soapwest is my "go to" place for all my soaping needs. I recommend them all the time. Fast shipping and wonderful products.
OMG I've just experienced my first bad order I order items need didn't receive all my items orders. even after emailing the company do love the items this company offers but I can't afford to give them money and received NO item and they not make it right. I will try to order this item once more because my company uses this ingredient a lot and we will see what happens this time. May have to fine another company to supply my ingredients.

Soapwest Response -
Did not receive said emails but contacted customer upon seeing testimonial and shipped out missing item.
I received my package very quickly. The items were well packed in its box. I will definitely use this site again.
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