"I have been using Soapwest for my small skincare business materials and LOVE the professionalism, quickness, and correctness of my orders. Soapwest.com is wonderful for my one-stop-shopping needs. Thank you!!!!
~Ankh Complexions, LLC, Crista"
I've fallen in love with Soap West. Received my order today and was just floored by the care taken in shipping my order. The products are great! Basil Essential Oil scent very pleasant) engulfed my home for hours and that was just from opening the bottle for a few seconds. Soap West is now become my staple supplier.
This site is so slow at shiping! Don't by from here!
"I am so pleased to have found this site!!! I bought some product before Christmas and I was not planning on even getting it until after Christmas. I received my order 4 days after I ordered the product and everything was packaged up nice and neat. Because of the cold weather I was worried about the glass bottles breaking due to the cold weather but, they packed everything great, I don't think im going to have to worry about anything breaking in future orders.
I was also able to make my lotions as Christmas gifts because I got my supplies in a timely matter.
Oh, when I opened my product I could tell immediately this was Top Quality. I had been using a different vendar and there is no comparison. Soap Goods will be my place to get my supplies.
Keep up the good work and quality guys it is hard to find both and you guys have it. Love it!
I also appreciate the synopsis of your products. It really helps knowing how to use the product and what it is made up of and where it comes from.
II just can't say enough good things.
Thank you!
"I didn't know milk power could be sold like that. A four pund plastic container was not sealed,with our production or expiry date, only capped,(like a bulk stuff from any local farmer market),which made me very nvervous to consume this products. Compared to the above, strong goaty smell and long melting time was less disappointing thing.

Soapwest Response:
Please note. We do not sell items for use as, or in food. All of our products are for external use only."
I ordered the wrong product and emailed Soap West about it. I got a quick response that was good news for me. I'm able to return the unused product and re-order what I need. Great customer service, Thank you Soap West.
I stumbled on this site and I must say that I am hooked! The prices are unbeatable and I am impressed with the quality. I am on a hair journey and the natural oils have been a big part of my journey. This is my 3rd purchase and will dedfinitely be back. Thank you Soapwest!!
I recently placed my first order and was very happy with the quality of the products. I was impressed by the care taken in the packaging of my shipment. Everything I ordered was included the first time and wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap to avoid damage. I was also pleased at how quickly my order was processed.
"love the site, it has every, but i dont like it when i get a bunch of things in my cart then have to leave and shut down and all my items i looked up and put in my cart for when i return are gone,then i have to go through the process of looking them all up again, just would like them to be able to stay in the cart or at least in my wishlist.

Please remember to Log In to save your cart and wishlist."
I love the site I am especially happy to see that you have a video aspect. The only thing that I can see that would make the site even more interesing than it already is, is if you would do something like a video of the month. The video of the month could be the site explaining and or demonstrating how to make something etc....just a thought.
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