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Beeswax Granules - Refined

Soapwest Inc
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Beeswax Granules - Yellow, Safety Data Sheet

Uses: Pure Beeswax produces a candle that burns longer and cleaner than ordinary wax candles. Scentless for applications where the user does not need / want a beeswax scent. Small, easy to use granules.

Details: Easy to use, great for candles. Granular Beeswax is easier to work with then our Beeswax Blocks, great for makers of cosmetics and soap. Burns Cleaner and Longer then petroleum based waxes. 146 degree melting point.

Cautions: Melt at a low heat while stirring gently for best results.

Another great addition for soap and cosmetic makers! We use these beeswax granules in several of our products and love them! They melt very easy!
Very nice beeswax! Uniform beads, easily measured or weighed and melted. Faint honey scent and no other "funky" scent on this beeswax. I bought refined beeswax from another supplier after buying this beeswax and will definitely buy from Soap wests next time, as the other refined beeswax has an odd smell--whether it be from the wax itself, the processing, or other smells picked up from their warehouse. Soap wests refined beeswax is a much safer bet!
"I prefer to use granules for my mixtures. They are easy to melt and measure this way. You can change your mind and take out if you nee to. I like it and find it long lasting!
I also like the it does not affect the color if I want something to be natural. I prefer this over the yellow beeswax."
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Safety Data Sheet (Beeswax-Granules-Refined.pdf, 97 Kb) [Download]